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Renting a Dumpster for Spring Cleaning

It’s the start of two new seasons: tax season and spring! Spring is a time for a refresh: house cleanup, home and office renovations, interior redesign and yard cleanup. Tax time is the usually start of all spring renovations and updates, a time to take the tax refund money and kick start the process.

Open your windows and let some fresh air into your home. Now start the process of de-cluttering your home and getting rid of all that old junk.

Here are a few tips on spring cleaning:

Break down your big projects into smaller parts, they will be easier to tackle and less stressful. That means you should distribute the work into a few days of the week, rather than spending your whole weekend cleaning. Divide the spring cleaning into tasks for each person in your home. You can get the projects done faster and with a lot less anxiety.
Clean one room at a time. Once you have divided your work into projects now tackle each room in your house individually. As soon as you clean a room to sparkling perfection, you can move onto your next room. This will give you a great sense of accomplishment and the work will slip away.

Once the snow starts melting and the flowers start blooming, it’s time to do a bit of yard work to spruce up your curb appeal. Rake up the dead leaves, pick up any fallen branches and plant your gardens.

Consider renting a dumpster for your spring cleaning, you’d be surprise how quickly you can fill it up. If you live in Central Massachusetts and need a dumpster rental, we can help. Get a head start on your cleaning use our special $25 off coupon to rent a dumpster today!