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Does your business have a snow removal plan?

Today is officially the first day of fall in New England and we’re preparing for the cold weather. The temperatures have started dropping and at Falcone Enterprises we have started thinking about… snow! Yes, there is already snow on our minds. If you’re a business owner, then you should probably start thinking about snow too. More specifically, you should be thinking about your plans for snow removal. When the flakes start to fly, do you have a game plan for snow plowing, salting and removal? Don’t let your business be effected by an icy parking lot or snow packed driveway, set up your snow removal plan now! In order for your company or organization to run smoothly during winter, you will need to have a snow plan in place. Don’t worry – we can help! Give us a call and we can help you setup a snow plowing and removal plan tailored to your businesses needs. GIVE US A CALL!


The Falcone Enterprises Fleet is Growing

Falcone Enterprises is excited to announce that our business is growing. We have recently made a few new additions to our fleet of vehicles, including a 2015 Ford F550 with a new hook, plow and sander and a 2018 Kenworth hook truck. We are looking forward to offering a wider variety of trucks to help meet our customer’s needs, both big and small. Contact us to get started on your next cleanup project.

Winter Plowing in Worcester, MA

Winter is coming (have you heard that before?) and that means cold weather and snow! Are you prepared for the wintry conditions yet? The flakes aren’t flying yet, but they will be!

Looking for residential snow plowing? Give us a call and let us provide an estimate on your driveway or parking lot. It’s always best to pre-plan your snow plowing service so you aren’t left out in the cold.

Looking for commercial snow plowing too? We’ve got your covered! Falcone Enterprises will cover large parking lots, condominiums, apartment complexes and more. We also provide salting and sanding services.

So contact us today and let us help get you ready for the winter!

Snow Plows Worcester MA

We’re thinking about winter so you don’t have to

Even on the warmest days of summer, when it’s 98° and sunny, Falcone Enterprises is thinking ahead so you don’t have to! That means we are working on growing our fleet to include yet another truck, truck #18. The newest truck can be used for a variety of purposes, allowing us to provide even more options to our customers.

Our newest truck can be used to:

  • Pick up and deliver dumpsters
  • Get into tough spots/tight spots with 4WD
  • Move the 10 yard and 15 yard containers easily
  • Plow and sand (we are thinking about the snow, so you don’t have to!)

Call us now so you don’t have to think about winter later! 508.791.0000

The truck is dedicated to Joe Falcone’s second parents, “Drops” and Ellen Biancheria.